Spring in Komagane. Introducing the places to see flowers.
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Spring Flowers

After a long winter, colorful flowers that have been waiting for the coming of spring, show their faces, all at once.。

Skunk cabbage
Skunk cabbageEarly February thru early March
Clumps of skunk cabbage, zazenso in Japanese, grow in the wetlands around Lake Onuma. The Japanese name is taken from the plant’s shape bearing a similarity to a monk sitting in meditation.
Bunch-flowered daffodil
Bunch-flowered daffodilEarly March thru late April
Daffodils fill the wayside leading up to Kozenji Temple. The scene, with the remaining snow on the Japan Alps in the background, has become a popular photo spot.
Kobushi magnolia
Kobushi magnolia Mid-April thru late April
White Kobushi magnolias fill the hillside of the Nakazawa Nakayama district. They can be viewed from the Kobushi observation deck.
Cherry blossoms
Cherry blossomsApril
From the weeping cherry tree at Kozenji Temple, and the cherry blossom blooms at Komagaike Pond, Lake Onuma, and Mamizuka Park, to the old cherry trees at Seirinji Temple, there is a lot of cherry blossom viewing to be enjoyed around the town.
Peach blossoms
Peach blossoms Mid-April thru late April
In the mountainous district of Nakazawa, peach trees that have been planted over the years spring into beautiful blooms along the banks of the river, giving the area the feel of Shangri-La.。
Apple blossoms
Apple blossoms Late April thru early May
Apple trees, the fruit that Komagane is known for, burst into blooms of white blossoms in springtime.
Katakuri April
As the snow melts from the pistes of Komagane-kogen Skiing Ground , mountain wildflowers such as windflower and murasakikeman, compete with pretty blooms.
Oriental swamp pink
Oriental swamp pink April thru May
This perennial (evergreen) plant of the lily family grows in humid mountainous areas. It takes its Japanese name, shojobakama, from the red flowers resemblance to the red face of an imaginary monkey, and the folding of the leaves looking like the traditional hakama garment.
Rapeseed flowers
Rapeseed flowersApril thru May
The area is dotted with rape fields, whose flowers paint a bright yellow on the white background of the remaining snow on the Central Japan Alps.
Azalea April thru May
It is well worth seeing the azaleas bloom as the greenery takes on a deeper shade. You can enjoy the azaleas at Mamizuka Park or while hiking the trails of Mt. Tokura.
Kaempfer Azalea
Kaempfer AzaleaLate June
A semi-deciduous shrub of the Ericaceae family. Colors the premises of the Komagane Yomeishu (herbal liquor) factory with a brilliant vermillion. Can also be seen at Kiriishi Park.
Chinese peony
Chinese peonyLate May
The Chinese peony field at Komagane Yomeishu (herbal liquor) factory. The plant is used in traditional Chinese medicine for their analgesic effect.
Asian skunk cabbage
Asian skunk cabbage
In the Asian skunk cabbage field to the east of the Komagane Yomeishu (herbal liquor), white egg-shaped leaves and central rod shaped flowers poke their way up from the wetland soil.
HydrangeaLate June thru early July
Two thousand trees of 170 varieties of hydrangea bloom at Jinmyoji Temple in Ina, also known as ‘Hydrangea Temple’.

Summer Flowers

A flower meadow in the clouds as the alpine plants that have been waiting for snowmelt at the Senjojiki cirque come into bloom.

Rosebay willowherb (fireweed)
Rosebay willowherb (fireweed)Late July thru early August
Clusters of flowers grow across the sunny plateau. Colonies can be seen in the vicinity of the Ikeyama Mountain Hut, at an altitude of 1,750 m, one hour from the terminus of the Ikeyama Forest Road.
Wild flowers & native plants
Wild flowers & native plantsJuly
There are 220 varieties of wildflowers in the garden of the Forest & Water outdoor experience plaza. One hundred varieties of mountain wildflowers have also been planted in the ‘Kanten Papa’ garden of Ina Food Industry Co., Ltd.
Komausuyukiso, a kind of edelweiss
Komausuyukiso, a kind of edelweissEarly July thru mid-August
Height: 5 cm. Rare species; only grows in rocky, gravelly areas. Its delicate lifestyle relies upon moisture in the air for survival.
White hellebore
White helleboreMid-July thru mid-August
Height: 1 m. Create spectacular large communities in a few years, overwhelming other flowers. Member of the lily family with many small white flowers.
Aleutian avens
Aleutian avensMid-July thru mid-August
Height: 15 cm. Often create communities. Yellow and white flowers decorate cirques in early fall.
ShinanokinbaiEarly July thru mid-August
Height: 50 cm. Large yellow flowers bloom on relatively thick stems. Carpets of blooms are superb.
KomakusaLate May thru early September
Height: 10 cm. Grows on the gravel bases of rocky ridge lines. Delicate pale pink flowers.
LingonberryEarly July thru late August
Height: 10 cm. Grows in the gravel zone. Pink flowers ripen and turn red.
Chocolate Lily
Chocolate LilyMid-June thru early August
A flower treasured by Alpinists. Downward facing booms. The glossy leaves shine like a mirror.

Fall Flowers

The colorful fall foliage starts from Senjojiki and gradually makes its way down to village.

Three million flowers of seven varieties in colors such as pink, white and yellow. (Iijima town)
Red buckwheat
Red buckwheatMid-September thru early October
In Minowa town grows a variety of red buckwheat, dyed dark pink on one side, known as ‘Takamine Ruby’. Also seen in Nakagawa village.
Fall foliage
Fall foliageLate September thru early November
From the rowan and birch trees of the alpine zone, to the maples and lacquer trees of the Komagane highlands and woodlands, vivid fall leaves can be enjoyed over a period of two months.

Other Flowers

Orchid Museum
Orchid MuseumYear round
Orchids from around the world are cultivated in Takamori town, some of the best suited land for growing orchids in all Japan.
Peruvian lily
Peruvian lilyYear round
This perennial plant of the Amaryllidaceae family is native to Brazil. Kami-ina is one of the largest cultivation areas in Japan.

Flower Tour Locations

1 Skunk cabbage Banks of Lake Onuma
2 Bunch-flowered daffodil Front of Kozenji Temple
3 Kobushi magnolia Nakayama
4 Cherry blossoms Komagaike Pond, Lake Onuma, Zotakuji Temple, Seirinji Temple, Mamizuka Park, Kozenji Temple, and Nankai
5 Peach blossoms Nakazawa and Peach flower village
6 Apple blossoms All over the city
7 Katakuri Komagane-kogen Skiing Ground
8 Murasakikeman Komagane-kogen Skiing Ground
9 Windflower Komagane-kogen Skiing Ground
10 Oriental swamp pink Family-trip village
11 Rapeseed flowers All over the city
12 Azalea Mamizuka Park and Mt. Togura
13 Kaempfer Azalea Yomeishu (herbal liquor) factory premises
14 Chinese peony East of the Yomeishu factory and Kiriishi Park
15 Asian skunk cabbage East of the Yomeishu factory
16 Hydrangea Jinmyoji Temple
17 Rosebay willowherb (fireweed) Ikeyama
18 Wild flowers & native plants Forest & Water outdoor experience plaza and Ina Foods Kitaoka Factory
19 Komausuyukiso, a kind of edelweiss Central Japan Alps
20 White hellebore Senjojiki, Central Japan Alps
21 Aleutian avens Senjojiki, Central Japan Alps
22 Shinanokinbai Senjojiki, Central Japan Alps
23 Komakusa Senjojiki, Central Japan Alps
24 Lingonberry Senjojiki, Central Japan Alps
25 Chocolate Lily Senjojiki, Central Japan Alps
26 Buckwheat flowers All over the city
27 Cosmos Iijima district
28 Red buckwheat. Minowa town and Nakagawa village
29 Fall foliage All over the city
30 Orchid Museum Takamori town
31 Peruvian lily All over the city